Asian Women Stereotypes

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world where the public has the freedom of speech - not only to speak for themselves, but also to voice out their concerns in ways that they think could really catch attention, without really putting into mind if they are already hurting others or not. Of course, everything has its pros and cons; but usually this liberty has been abused in ways we could not imagine. The usual victims of this malpractice are our leaders – in the government, Church, and who knows where else; celebrities, and oftentimes women of different races. This has been going on for as long as one can remember that eventually, these notions have become stereotypes for that certain group or community.
For the purpose of this discussion, we shall focus on a particular cluster – women; Asian women to be exact. Due to the advent of technology and globalization, people have had the luxury to travel from one country to another that we have become more familiar and acquainted with the several colorful and diverse cultures of various people living poles apart. Unlike citizens from the first world countries, most Asians have been more exposed to hard work before they could live the life that they want. With this, they have developed certain characteristics and traits that enable them to be distinct from others. 
Asians are known to be family-oriented and fearful of whoever they are worshipping. They give much attention to their actuations because they believe that whatever they do is a reflection of how they were brought up; and reputation is of much value to each and every one of them. With this, their women are stereotyped to be conservative when it comes to presenting themselves. They are also labeled to be traditional in almost everything they carry out so as to keep their customs alive from one generation to the next. There are also a lot of other brand names given to these people that are not so positive, such as their lack of ability to speak perfect English or that they work white-collar jobs. But this does not really affect their being because they know themselves better and they believe that they are much more than what others believe them to be. 
No matter how careful we are with what we do and what we say, it would be inevitable that other individuals would judge us. We cannot anymore do anything about what we are stereotyped but to at least try our best to prove them wrong. For all the Asian women out there, you know who you really are, so carry on.