Why is it better to pick Asian girls?

Asian brides are the best in the world, but the same is said about Russian women. So what is the difference, and where to travel for a hot girlfriend? Dating experts think Asia has many advantages.
First of all, it consists of so many countries and there’s always a big choice of different mentalities, even slightly differ appearances. Russia is only one country with post-Soviet thinking.
One can dedicate all his life to dating Asian women from various spots on Earth and still have plenty ahead to try. Of course, only if he enjoys dark-haired women with yellowish skin.
Some men switch to this type from European brunettes and others just love anything exotic. However, serious-minded singles prefer Asian brides simply because they have great qualities.
For example, feminism seems to never be able to reach Asian set of values. There are only a few elements of feminism some countries absorbed, but they were rather forced by survival conditions.
In South Korea, a certain part of women work as hard as men. They lift weights, make dangerous stuntman tricks, these girls are usually below middle class and they have no other choice.
In wealthy families, women often have to replace men on the head of corporation but only when it’s unavoidable. When all men in a family are in good health and mind, women play second role.
What does it say to us? Unlike western women, Asian girls would never pressure us or be bossy. It’s really relaxing to date them and hookup them, because they know who is in charge.
Russian girls of the new generation are less enthusiastic already about cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and stuff like that. They are bored to do that, and hope to live easy life.
Asian women seem to never get bored of such duties. They adore taking care of their man, their family members, and eat healthily themselves too. It’s a real treasure in someone’s home.

Life after marriage: how is it?

Western men who married Russian women, tell different stories. Although they’re mostly positive, some complaints take place too, such as wives’ coldness or big demands.
Such things are nearly impossible with Asian women. Since they used to follow their men and respect them, which is normal in their society, they continue to do that with a foreign partner.
They serve a man in all meanings, take care of him, make him a centre of their Universe, and cherish him with romance every day. They aren’t too demanding or capricious.
Of course, nuances of the character depend on the particular country. Japanese women tend to be wise, balanced, and submissive to the maximum. One just needs to learn how to court them.
Chinese women are a bit more emotional and used to equality. It’s easy to understand since they work as hard as men and bear the same volume of responsibility for big decisions.
South Korean women love to pretend they’re capricious, but it usually looks very playful and sweet. They’re a bit childish, but one can rely on them and be sure they are crazily in love with him. Vietnamese women are probably the most emotional ones out there. If you prefer very calm girls not short-tempered ones, then it’s not your type. But they’re independent and helpful, too. Filipina girls are calm and smiling, sometimes you hear their sunny sincere laughter and that’s all. They discipline themselves since childhood by a harsh survival and worshipping a man. Thai women are very much the same. Their emotions are even better preserved, because they used to serve tourists as masseurs, dancers, chefs, so a polite smile is their maximum. Indonesian girls probably make the best wives and girlfriends out of all Asian beauties, if their Muslim beliefs and demands are ok for you. They are warm, harmonious, and supportive.

How to seduce an Asian girl vs Russian?

Modern men do not want to wait much. They want everything at once in a relationship. And they surely expect to get close with the girl in Asia as soon as they start their vacation.
However, it’s not Europe and not all women are easy. Only escort girls, bar girls and so on can get intimate quickly, but others need some time for that, even weeks if not a month.
Since men reach great results much faster even in patriarchal Russia, they aren’t ready to wait that long. So how to shorten the time of waiting, if that is possible at all?
• Be very insistent like Asian men are, but rather sticky than pushy. Do not be shy to beg them about a kiss and intimacy, they find it sexy and it makes their heart melt.
• Do not shower them with gifts, rather tell them about your possible happy future together. Try to make them trust you, show the pictures of your home, your city.
• When the moment is right, kiss quickly, and if she hesitates to resist, go further quickly as well. But be ok to just sleep beside like friends if she isn’t ready.
• If it’s too early for a main intercourse, use your lips, and use your fingers. Asian women are passionate, and it will break the barrier sooner than they wanted.

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