Asian girls are leaders in dating apps

Did you know Asian women are the most active users of smart phones and popular apps? Yes, they even beat western girls in this regard! There can be many explanations to this phenomenon.
• Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, have always been in front of all the others in matter of new technologies. So they surely like to use and enjoy the gadgets.
• Asian people are a bit more introverted, than westerners, so in certain regard, their gadgets are their friends. Online chatting replaces a part of their hobbies and interests.
• Since Asian women have a childish and playful side in their character, smart phones respond to this need of theirs perfectly. They play video games and make selfies.
• Asians just have a positive stereotype that all people are good. It explains why their age late, and smile a lot. So they really love to communicate online with other folks.
It’s funny but Asian girls join hookup apps mostly because of curiosity and for the reasons listed above, than for finding a casual lover. But of course, they succeed in this anyway.
The times when Asian women were extremely traditionalistic, are slowly passing away. There’s no single Asian country at the moment that would be completely old-fashioned.
Thai girls are a famous pattern of escort women. They do massages, entertain tourists in bars, become their personal guides with benefits, and become perfect obedient sugar babies.
Taiwanese girls are much the same but their country is visited less by sex tourists, so many remain focused on locals. In any case, it’s a wonderful destination for a sexy vacation as well.
Filipina girls would be number one in our hookup list, if at least a half of them didn’t seek a traditional marriage with kids. They don’t mind to relocate as well, despite their paradise climate.
Chinese girls are gradually switching to foreigners hoping to escape from their stupid laws and tough life. Casual affairs are included in their list as extra chances to find a mate.
Vietnamese girls used to a big number of tourists from all over the world not only from the west. They are ok to hookup or date with someone who accepts their culture and habits.
Japanese women do not date much out of their own kind, but a secret is in appreciating them, complimenting, cherishing them, since Japan men perceive them neutrally as a part of life routine.
South Korean girls have plenty of romance and admiration around, but they confess even in their doramas that they are literally crazy about guys with whiter skin. Catch your chance!
Hong Kong women are great for hookups. Not only they live in a popular touristic area, but also they are tired of hectic lifestyle and always busy men, so they keenly need some relax.
This list can be continued endlessly since there are Asian women even in Eastern Europe, did you know that? Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan are waiting!

Top Asian hookup apps

When choosing a dating app or casual sex app, Asian ladies focus on the popularity, but it’s also important to them that a platform is forming a positive view on Asians.
Otherwise, girls in Asia are ready to experiment and try different applications and means for reaching their goal. And their goal is the hottest acquaintance with a handsome man!

No. 3 app. Tantan

You have probably not heard of this app, but it’s extremely popular in Asia and it’s basically a Chinese analogue of Tinder. A good thing is that it works fine for interracial encounters.
Like Tinder, Tantan is easy to use, stylish, understandable, trendy, and it is full of beautiful girls' profiles. Does it sound like something you would like to try? The membership fee is affordable.

No. 2 app. Momo

This simple title perfectly reflects a playful Asian character. Recently, the app rather reminds a social network for youth, but too many hot Asian girls can be met there to ignore it.
Momo is especially suitable for a beginner who doesn’t know where to start and would like to meet as many new people as possible, in order to have a big assortment of choices.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Brilic app is chosen by Asian hotties exactly thanks to a beautiful Chinese woman hugged by a western man, on the layout of the app. But it’s also very trendy and efficient.
Modern Asian women aren’t poor, except for Filipina girls, so they want a really decent partner. Brilic is a bit costly for men so it gathers only successful males in its database.

How to pickup Asian girl online

Many men want to know how to seduce an Asian woman quickly, without wasting too much time. It’s completely possible, although so many nuances are involved.
For sure, women shouldn’t be generalized since there are different social groups, age groups, and so on. But as it was said, Asian girls really prefer men with lighter skin, so chances are high.
Asian girls are extremely sexy and passionate, but in their own way. It differs a lot from a straightforward, somewhat vulgar behaviour of American, Australian, or European chicks.
So learn to enjoy this quiet kind of passion, which you feel and sense much better than you see or hear. The chemistry is so strong and sex is so pleasant that many turn addicted.
Although Asian girls love to play innocent victims of male lust, and never initiate the intimacy, they crazily enjoy it. It is obvious from their face expressions they totally lose control.
So play their games with them and seduce them faster: keep on trying even if they said no, but gently, in a childish way; once you got the kiss, do the rest immediately till they are horny.
Asians adore sex in public places and often include this scenario into their erotic movies. It’s definitely in their mentality since they also confess they cannot wait once the urge is there.
Isn’t it a wonderful and promising opportunity for an open-minded westerner! Just make sure your Asian girlfriend is in a playful mood, and explore less crowded places together.
Another useful hint is carrying a girl on your back. That’s a strange tradition, but that is what they all do with their local boyfriends, so they’ll expect the same from you.
Asian girls often say they're too tired to walk, or too sleepy, just like little children. It’s really cute, romantic, plus you can bring her directly to your bed. What can be better?
Hookups in Asia aren’t hard to organize, one just has to know traditions, expectations, preferences, and habits of those exotic beauties. Then his experience becomes unforgettable.
Meeting Asian girls online is very helpful since it opens wide opportunities and provides endless choices. It helps to get adapted to their way of communication and flirting step by step.

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