Best Asian Dating App (A White man’s full disclosure)

(Disclaimer: The opinions in this article arejust the author’s opinions which are written for humor purposes & his opinionsdon’t represent this website’s opinion.)
I’m a 34-year-old White man living in Australia. Due to multiple requests, I’m writing this article to talk about my understanding of dating Asian women. And I’ll share my experiences regarding using the best Asian dating apps with you as well.

[1] Brilic

I’ve hooked up with many Asian women via Brilic dating app. I’m a player who enjoys playing the field, especially hooking up with Asian girls. My findings on Brilic: 1) Asian beauties on this app are real beauties – they are just as beautiful as those beauty queens on Instagram. 2) There are many Chinese women on Brilic dating app – they are looking for White men like me. 3) As a White man, I can relatively get Chinese girls easily on Brilic because there aren’t too many hot White men like me on Brilic…yet. So, if you are a White male, you should join Brilic now before it’s too late.

[2] Couplemaker

On Couplemaker dating app, I’ve met at least 20 Korean girls who were ready to f**k. According to my experience, Korean women are hornier than Japanese women. Okay, full disclosure: I’ve slept with Chinese ladies, Korean ladies and Japanese ladies & their libido varies dramatically. In general, women from Japan have the lowest libido; women from Korea have the highest libido; women from China are somewhere in the middle. If you are also ready to f**k, you should totally join Couplemaker and meet more sexy Korean beauties.

[3] Paktor

When I was on Paktor dating app, I met many Taiwanese girls who are the sweetest and prettiest women that I’ve ever seen. Today I still think those women from Taiwan are the best I’ve ever had. Ladies from Taiwan are extremely different from western women, because western women generally don’t want to make men happy and only want to make themselves happy, yet Taiwanese women believe that making men happy will make them happy – The reason they want to please men is because men will please them as a result. They operate at a different level.

[4] iPair

Because iPair dating app has many hot women from Chinese-speaking regions, i.e. Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore, I find this platform extremely useful. It has sent me a large number of hot girls from Asia automatically. White men who prefer Chinese ladies must check it out. However, if you are keen to meet an Asian lady who isn’t Chinese, then iPair isn’t your app!

[5] Tantan

Tantan dating app is a Chinese dating app for those who are interested in meeting Chinese stunners. Personally, I used Tantan in Australia and in China. I realized that girls on Tantan are generally looking for casual flings rather than serious relationships, which is a bit surprising, because I thought beauties from China don’t want casual relationships. But oh boy was I wrong! Many stunners from China are extremely interested in hookups. In fact, one Chinese girl and another Chinese girl can be as different as an apple and a banana! Therefore, I don’t believe in generalization.

[6] Momo

Momo is the most popular hookup app in China. My suggestion is if you can’t speak Chinese, you probably can’t be successful on Momo dating app because most Chinese beauties on Momo can’t speak English. Almost everyone on Momo is looking for a one-night-stand, so you need to get your condoms ready before you join. In February, 2018, Momo acquired Tantan for $760 million, thereby creating a giant in China’s booming online dating industry. It is indeed a very ambitious Asian dating app.

[7] Dine

Whenever I approach a Chinese woman in the street, she often says, "Yes, we can have dinner together” if she is happy to see me again. That’s because Chinse love to eat! The most common leisure activities for Chinese are: 1) eating; 2) shopping; 3) singing karaoke. That’s usually their standard weekend when they catch up with friends. Therefore, dine dating app has attracted a big Chinese database quickly – people on this popular dating app meet each other online and arrange the first date (a dinner date) in a restaurant!

[8] Seeking

Thanks to Brandon Wade, Seeking has a very big Asian database, especially hot and younger Chinese ladies. I’ve enjoyed Seeking dating app for several years because the quality of Asian sugar babies on this app is very, very high. As I’m an established White man, it’s not hard for me to get Chinese sugar babies on Seeking. I have to say that ladies from China are generally more ambitious, more switched-on and more open-minded than western women that I’ve dated when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate western women. I’m just talking about my personal experiences and observation.

[9] AsianDate

Those who are interested in meeting South Asian women perhaps can try AsianDate where you can meet girls from Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. Personally, I prefer East Asian women with fair skin because that’s just my dating preference. I’m not racist because attraction is not a choice. I naturally feel attracted to East Asian girls – that’s my biology. My Johnson is wired that way and I can’t change it. Some of my friends who are also White men have met hot girls from the Philippines on AsianDate, so I would say this is a legitimate Asian dating app.

[10] ThaiFriendly

ThaiFriendly is a Thai dating app that White men can use to meet Thai girls. I have to point out that there are many lady boys on this app, meaning a lot of their members are transgender individuals looking for men. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m just saying you probably need to figure out who are you talking to on ThaiFriendly and decide whether that’s what you want or not first.
In conclusion, women from East Asia are more open-minded and can accept casual flings happily. Perhaps that’s because they don’t really have any religion in this area of Asia. Another reason is East Asian women are quite westernized in many ways, e.g. they watch Hollywood movies and American TV shows; they buy western clothing and makeup; they listen to western music. As a result, East Asian girls are more likely to hook up with White men like me. By contrast, West Asian women are more traditional because many of them still believe in arranged marriage. There is nothing wrong with that, but I probably can’t hook up with West Asian beauties due to different value systems.