Chinese Marriage Customs

Because of the large number of people elsewhere in this world, I have already been to some of their wedding ceremonies and witnessed their marriage customs. I have several friends with mixed Chinese blood or some are even born as pure Chinese but have just gone abroad for several reasons. From what I have seen heir customs are far different from what we always see. We are aware of their rich cultures as well as history and that cover every single aspect there is about China which include marriage. It is interesting to know more about their country and their people.   
I have always been aware that in the past arranged marriage is really common in their society. And these marriages are arranged as early as the girl's teenage years. And even until now there are still some Chinese people who engage in this particular custom. The most common reason is socioeconomic. It could be that the parents do not have enough money to support the growing needs of the girl so they choose to make her get married at a very young age. And sometimes they are even being sold to the parents of the guy. Nevertheless, political reasons are also common which include maintaining or acquiring more wealth, power and position in the family. In this case,the woman is often treated like a slave instead of a mother or a wife.

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But because China has also become somewhat modern, they have embraced some of the ideals of today's generation. There were dramatic changes that occurred during the reign of Mao Zedong. From then on women were treated with much respect. They were given freedom to choose the man they want to marry. But there were still others who continued the tradition of arranged marriage for political reason because they want to gain respect from the people around them and it was also one way that they could be given good employment opportunities. 
Later on, China became one of the greatest economic countries in the world. We could now see women who are taking the lead in their profession and are also doing the work intended for men. Plus, there are so many of them who are very successful and could buy almost anything that they want. And even when it comes to marriage, they could now choose whoever they want to be with for the rest of their lives. As a matter of fact, some Chinese women even marry foreign men which used to unusual in their marriage custom.