Courting Filipina singles: dating and chat advice

Courting a Filipina woman is a really big deal since they enjoy following traditions and respect those guys who try to get into it. Basically, there’s no such notion as "courting”, they call in MA (Mutual Understanding). The term describes a form of relationships when you aren’t officially dating yet, you’re just going out, getting to know each other and your families. Here’re some peculiarities of the whole Mutual Understanding process you might need to know:
1. Be friends with her friends. For many Filipina singles dating and chat are often considered as fun that they can have together with friends. Group dates are very popular in the Philippines, so don’t get surprised if you see another couple or two at your supposed to be a private date. The advantage of this kind of date is a possibility to make a good impression at her friends who can influence her final decision on whether to continue dating you or not. Plus, the whole atmosphere is more casual so you both can just relax and be yourselves without feeling nervous. It’s a lovely tradition and Filipina ladies enjoy and respect it.
2. Find out if she actually likes you. Yes, exactly! Go ahead and contact her friends, ask them what she thinks about you, what she likes and dislikes about you in general. In some countries, it may seem weird as relationships are considered something more or less confidential. If you’re looking for Filipina women, prepare yourself for publicity. All her friends are going to know her attitude towards you and will be more than happy to share with you some information.
3. Meet her parents. Obviously, if you’re going to start courting a Filipina girl, taking her to dates etc., you have to meet her parents and it’s a big deal here. You have to be respectful, well-dressed, it would be a great idea to bring presents not only for the girl but for her family as well. This way they’ll see that you’re a good guy, nice person who’s worth dating their daughter.
4. Serenade her. If you want to make 100% sure that her heart is yours, just sing a serenade! In the Philippines, it’s considered as super romantic showcase of feelings and girls’ hearts literally melt at the sound of romantic songs. Filipina girls find I the cutest thing ever and none of them would ever reject someone brave enough to just sing an old good serenade in the middle of a street.
5. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush or force things. Courting is about getting to know each other, going on dates and first of all becoming friends. Both of you will have time to get to know each other’s family and friends, get a clue of what kind of people they are and if you all can really get along with each other. Filipina people say "Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga” which means "Have patience and you’ll be rewarded”.
6. Asking for her hand. Unlike most western people, the Filipina men still have to ask their woman’s parents for her hand and it’s an ancient and very respected tradition. For Philippine ladies looking for marriage it’s a very special ritual and literally, every girl dreams of such a proposal. So, according to an old Filipina courting tradition, the guy and his parents go over to the girl’s house to meet her family and that’s where the guy will ask for the marriage. Since it’s a really old tradition, the guy can come alone and just talk to the parents saying he loves their daughter and wants to marry her.

The Filipina girl personality

Women from the Philippines are probably the most friendly and easy-going ladies in the world. They always smile and spread happiness all around. They’re very simple and approachable people. But when they do turn to the sour mood, it’s like suddenly moving to the North Pole. They become ice cold and you will probably get zero response or reaction to whatever you say to them.
The problem is so common that there’s a special term in the Philippines called "tampo”, which is a sudden change of mood. Filipina women are very sensitive, so if she asks for something very simple and easy, you better just do it because for her it might mean a lot. If you ignore her little requests or don’t respect her efforts, you’ll have to face the so-called tampo, which is ignoring you altogether no matter how many times you apologize. It’s a common way of a Filipina lady to tell the guy that he did something wrong. It can be disrespect, ignoring her efforts, refusing to do something she finds important, being late for a meeting, forgetting your special date and so on. Usually, these girls are pretty simple and don’t ask for golden mountains, so just be kind and respectful, and her heart is yours!