How To Make an Asian Women Smile

Actually Asian women are not that difficult to please. They are known to be emotional so they are usually very appreciative of things even the small ones. But that may not be true for all Asian women. There are also those who are not showy of their feelings. But do not get it wrong way. If you want to make her smile, there are a multitude ways in order to do that. Women are very soft inside as long as you know how to tug their heartstrings then you can. But for those who do not have any idea on how to make her smile the read further to know what are some of the ways that you can do.   
Men may not be aware of it but women are attracted to men with a good sense of humor. It does not work if you are only good looking but if you are quite boring. It is important that women get to laugh from time to time. It just takes all their stresses away and it is a good way to capture he heart. So if you have smart and funny jokes do not hesitate to tell her. She wants the conversation to be lively so use your wits. In addition, women also like men who are courteous so greet her "good morning or hello”. Just those good words can already make her feel good.  
Women also want to be treated like a princess. So you may wish to buy he presents. Women are easier to please than men so you can just buy her a box of chocolates or give her flowers or just write her a letter and that could already make her smile. You can also befriend her friends and she would know that she is really special. You could also try cooking her favorite food and she will definitely appreciate it. For example, if you have a Vietnamese date, try to make her favorite Vietnamese food. If she is your girlfriend already then you can throw surprises for her from time to time because women love that.  
How to make her smile is really not a problem. If you understand what she wants then you can just provide those to her and you get her instant smile. Take her out for dinner or visit her parents can also make her feel extra special. There are just so many ways to do that and if you have more creative ideas and that is much better. Women will definitely fall in love with you more especially if you can do a lot of things for her just to make her smile.