Misconceptions to be aware of when planning a Thai cookup

When planning a great Thai hookup, you should be aware of general misconceptions about girls in Thailand. Yes, the country is widely known for its vibrant nightlife and go-go bars, and an average man from the USA, Western Europe, Canada or Australia comes to Thailand fool of false expectations. A misguided idea about Thai women put them in a number of awkward situations.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you spend all your time in Thailand sitting is bars of Pattaya or dancing your nights out in Bangkok’s nighclubs, you’ll be exposed only to a particular class of Thai girls. But is it really your idea of a time well spent in this diverse and beautiful country?

So let us have a closer look at some of the most common misconceptions and break a few myths.

Not all Thai women are interested in your money

According to some westerners, all the Thai girls want a foreign man’s money, so it’s easy to arrange the best Thai hookup if you spend a little here and there. Of course, financial security is a major factor in a romantic relationships regardless the country and part of the world. However, it doesn’t mean that all the relationships in Thailand are based upon money. Firstly, there are plenty of Thai women who would prefer a young Thai guy without money rather than a middle-aged westerner with a fat bank account.

Secondly, don’t consider yourself such a wonderful prize to be won. There are women from rich families in Thailand who have more money than you can possibly dream of. And it’s highly unlikely they will want anything to do with a man who came to their country for a short vacation.

จีบสาว How To Pickup Girls In Bangkok Thailand - Approaching Model At Mall

All Thai girls cannot be labelled as easy

As mentioned above, women in Thailand can’t be judged on basis of some girls’ behaviour in nightclubs and go-go bars. Most ladies in Thailand expect a man to court them for significant period of time before they even consider getting intimate with him. Keep this in mind when planning an easy Thai hookup.

Foreigners are not universally loved by all Thai women

Unfortunately, lots of foreigners have been misbehaving in Thailand so badly that it’s kind of embarrassing for a decent Thai woman to show up with an American or European man. Well, nothing else can be said on the subject!

But don’t get easily disheartened. Yes, there are still lots of girls in Thailand to make your Thai hookup dreams a reality. We’ve just warned you that all the Thai women should not be stereotyped.