The Three Things Chinese Women Hate When Dating

When it comes to dating Chinese women have certain rules that men must not break. It is important that when you are on your first date with a Chinese woman, you make a good impression. If you are a foreigner then it would help if you could get yourself familiarize with some of the Chinese cultures and traditions so that you would understand them well. If you have an idea on what these Chinese women want then for sure you can avoid doing the three things that Chinese women dislike when dating. Read further to know more.   
First of all, you must observe punctuality. Chinese women are very particular with time. They do not have a problem with this with Chinese men because they are equally time conscious. That is one of their customs. So if in your country, you are used to arriving late during dates then you better do something about this problem when you are with a Chinese woman. It is very important that you come earlier than her because if you cannot and you will just keep her waiting then that could be one of the reasons why she will hesitate to go out with you on your next date.   

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Another thing that Chinese women do not like is when men are rude to them. That is the reason why you really have to study a little about their history because you might get culture shock especially if you have never been with a Chinese girl before. You must understand that she has a different upbringing that you so whatever it is that does not conform to your own then you must accept that. Chinese women like guys who are respectful and gentleman so treat her the best way that you could. Act like a man. For sure you know how to make a woman happy.  
The last thing that Chinese women dislike when dating is that when their date becomes bored. Now, since you are the man, it is your responsibility to keep the date fun and exciting for the both of you. Look for ways in order to make yourselves enjoy the moment. There are so many things that you can talk about with Chinese women. Choose a topic of your conversation in which you could relate well. This allows you to open up ad express your ideas to each other and you will never notice how  time slips away so fast. These are so far he three favorite things that Chinese women dislike when dating.