Three Favorite Things That Chinese Women Love

One day it just hit me. I was curious of what these Chinese women are thinking of most of the time. As you can see I have a lot of Chinese friends and I find them really interesting. I asked one of the women to tell me what are the top three favorite things that Chinese women love and she clearly responded power, fame and fortune. Well, maybe it is not the same with other Chinese women but her answer makes a good a point. These three things are often what ambitious women love. They aspire to have these and it is no wonder why there are a lot of successful Chinese women also.   
When we say power it is something that most rich people want. Government officials as well as countries fight each other just to gain power. But women are also aspiring to become powerful. In this modern era, I have seen a lot of successful Chinese women dating. Before they were expected to be subservient to men but nowadays they seem to have come out from their shells and have made a name of their own. They are more aggressive, ambitious ad independent and it does not matter what they do for as long as they can acquire great power.

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Fame is also another thing that most women would die for. It is not absolutely for everyone. You have to strive in order to be seen and in order to be known. The world is really becoming more competitive and women are not allowing themselves to get left behind especially Chinese women date. There are now many Chinese women who have become influential and famous all over the world and it is no wonder why a lot of them would do anything for fame. Maybe it is something that could give them fulfillment.   
The last favorite thing that Chinese women love is fortune. And I guess almost everyone knows why. In China, most people think about is money. I went there last time and I have seen billboards that say Time is money. I guess giving importance to money is all part of their culture. And it s not only the Chinese women who like to acquire wealth but also other women in the world. That is why they marry rich men and they work hard in order to earn money. Therefore, I conclude that the answers that were given to me by Chinese friend have a good point.