What Asian Women Want - Qualities that Asian women want in a man

Men and women are two unique creations of God that has entirely different qualities from each other in terms of outlook in life, needs, wants and obviously their physical features. As what they say opposite poles always attracts each other. So a man would always want a woman by his side and same as true with a woman. But what are the qualities that Asian women are looking for to be a good partner in life? 
As a woman, I would say that one trait that I am looking in a man is being understanding. We, women, are always fickle minded. We do not know exactly want we want. One moment we want to eat pasta then after 5 minutes decides to eat pizza. In the morning you feel happy and by the middle of the day you feel sad and insecure. Medical professionals say that it is because of the hormones in our body. It affects mainly the mood of a woman. By that, we need someone who can understand us that we are hard to be understood. Complicated it is but that is a woman. 

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Another element that an Asian woman dating is looking in a man is that he should be financially stable. Practically speaking I do not want to provide for my own man. A woman would feel great and loved if her man is providing for her needs if not all. Even in earlier decades or centuries a man would always provide for his family. Work hard and earn enough for them. It would also boost the ego of a man if he is the bread winner. It makes them feel superior and man enough to sustain the needs and wants of his family.
Lastly, a man should be God fearing. That means that he puts his God about anything else in the world. God made everything in this world and He deserves all the credits and praises. He should be the center of every relationship. If a man does not fear his God, then it would not be a successful relationship for a man and a woman. In every relationship there should be God in between them because it is He who tightens the bond. God is equivalent to love and without love, union will not last. 
As a conclusion, there are so many qualities and traits a man possess. But these three qualities should be always present. With these, a relationship would stand and will not be easily shaken but storms.